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About Us

Who We Are

 The Cordell Christian Home is a team of board members, administration and support staff
​dedicated to maintaining and improving the highest standards of care for today's elderly. 

Our History

Interest in a facility to care for elderly adults was very strong in the Cordell Church of Christ I the 1950’s.  One couple from the congregation did, in fact, own and operate a room and board home.  In this setting a hand full of elderly were provided with care.  It was obvious that a growing need existed for a home to provide for the needs of the ages.

The Church, though their local minister, Jack Cox, investigated the possibility of purchasing the Lake Valley school property when that school consolidated with larger ones nearby.  The idea was to convert the buildings into a retirement home.  However, the Oklahoma State Health Department disapproved of this proposal since it was in a rural area some distance from physicians and a hospital. 

In 1959, the Federal Government created a program whereby the Cordell Church of Christ could realize its dream of a home for the aged.  The Housing Act of 1959, set aside some twenty million dollars for elderly housing.  Victor Wickersham, state congressman at the time, knew of the Church’s interest in such a project.  When the Housing Act of 1959 passed, he contacted local church members, suggesting they apply for a loan under this program.  Thus, Cordell Christian Home was born.

A Board of Directors was assembled and application was made with the help of Congressman Wichersham.  The Cordell Christian Home was incorporated in October 1960.  The loan was awarded and construction began in March of 1961.  The Cordell Christian Home was completed in November of that year.  It was the first project completed under the Housing Act of 1959.  It is one of the few, such projects, to remain in operation to this day. 

When operation of the Cordell Christian Home, as a retirement home, began in February of 1962.  The staff of 12 included the Administrator, Lowell Donley, cooks and housekeepers.  Within 5 years, the need for a nursing facility was apparent.  At that time a 25 bed nursing unit was added to the original 84 bed facility.   As the need for nursing care rapidly increased, Cordell Christian Home made the transition to a fully licensed 110 bed nursing home.

In the years since, staff increased with a full time Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurses and nurse aides.   The heart and soul of our nursing program are the dedicated nurse’s aides, providing hands-on care for the residents.   It is with much pride that we boast of the excellent nurse aid staff.   The Home as specially trained nursing assistants who perform restorative care such as physical therapy.  Residents, admitted for therapy, have recovered and able to returned to their home.  Others that remain in our home benefit with improved mobility and a sense of well-being for a better quality of life.  We have dedicated individuals who are serious about providing quality care to our residents. 

In addition to quality nursing services, a full range of services are provided by Cordell Christian Home.  This includes a fully staffed, modern kitchen providing each resident 3 meals daily, as well as, snacks and supplements.  Our laundry service takes care of resident clothing, in addition to our own laundry needs.  The housekeeping staff diligently provides a high standard of cleaning.  The maintenance staff is serious about keeping our facility in top repair with equipment in good working order and landscaping in shape. 

More Information

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Cordell Christian Home, through Christian service, to provide and maintain the highest possible level of care and service to its residents.

We will accomplish this mission by:

  1. Persisting in doing the things that we do well.
  2. Seeking our weaknesses, acknowledging that they exist and turning them into strengths.
  3. Seeking innovative means to assist residents and staff to achieve their fullest potential.
  4. Acknowledging that technology will never replace the warmth of a human touch or the pleasant sound of a human voice. Only people, one to one, can provide many of the essentials for a quality of life.